Back in 2012, I set up a Mixes for Yoga blog to post and share mixes I created with yoga practice in mind.

Over the years, I’ve added good number of these mixes via Mixcloud and the response from both, yoga teachers and enthusiasts, as well as casual listeners, has been nothing short of amazing. Many have reached out to me with much love and gratitude, telling me that these are exactly the vibes they had been looking for to enhance their yoga sessions.

I can only take credit for collecting and curating these amazing tracks. The music comes from a broad selection of great downtempo, psychill, ambient, and ethno-groove artists. Mixing their music into an easy flowing, seamless, and yoga-friendly mix is just a sheer pleasure for me. And, in all honestly, I’m guilty of sneaking in some of my own tracks into these mixes once in a while!

I practice yoga myself and too many times, when I attended a class I felt aggravated by either lack of any background music, being put to sleeps by some “new age” albums, or hit with a current “theme of the day” top of the chart songs. I felt a need to have a properly flowing, practice-enhancing playlist. And since I couldn’t find anything that worked for me, I decided create these myself.

If you’re a yoga practitioner, a teacher or a blogger and have some suggestions, requests or comments, reach out to me via social media (links in the footer). If you’re a musician, a music producer or a DJ, and you’d like to contribute your work to these mixes, feel free to drop me a link.