ambient; space music; abstract; experimental; soundscapes

About this project

Somewhere in between dark abstract and melodic ambience, with a healthy dose of stargazing (space music w/shoegazing??), Intersonic Subformation spawns a sonic palette where organic elements mix with micro noises, field recordings, big synth pads – all seamlessly fusing into strangely alluring soundscapes.

This colorfully atmospheric blend is equally well suited for headphones indulgence and for a cinematic use.

It is exploration of dreamy mindscapes that bring about both, melancholy and a sense of wonder: sometimes looking deep into the future, other times revealing ancient and primeval past.


“Space Projects for the End” – released in 2018 on Studio 4632

They know it’s coming. The inevitable demise of the Earth. Space agencies prepare the ultimate exit strategy for the selected few. The brightest ones, the wealthiest ones and the important ones. It’s not enough time to have everything ready for the ultimate move and colonization of Mars, but there is a plan B. And it’s set in the plain sight of everyone. Except no one can see it. Because it’s on the dark side of the Moon.

“Out of Thin Air” – released in 2016 on Temiong Recordings

This 55 minutes suite masterfully manipulates samples from various Dubtrak albums, removing all rhythm, on most part, and molding sounds into eternal ambient compositions with some hints of deep dub techno, shoegaze and a tip of a hat to analog synth Berlin-school tradition.

“Guardians of the Transmitter” – released in 2016 on Aural Films

This album visits dream-like World, full of ambient cinematic soundscapes, static noises and mechanical glitches. It’s a World where the Nature holds on to what remains, while technology and communication deteriorates slowly as the “guardians of the transmitter” struggle to stay connected with others, attempting to broadcast their signal.

“Into The Void” – independently released in 2015

Deep Space sonic adventure to where sights, sounds and illusions reflect onto human emotions. The extra-terrestrial vistas one encounters here are created out of organic elements mixed with micro noises, seamlessly fused into lush soundscapes. Images projected by these textures and melodies bring about both, melancholy and a sense of wonder, sometimes looking deep into the future, other times revealing ancient and primeval past. Read the album review on the ambient blog Hypnagogue.

“Post Apocalyptic Flower Shop” – released in 2015 on Petroglyph Music

This inaugural EP explores imaginary soundscape where life is reborn (although it never seized to exists in the first place) and voices inside dark voids of the Universe keep colors alive, preventing cosmic chaos from dominating our new reality. The four tracks on this EP are quite diverse when it comes to the arrangement yet reoccurring and carefully layered elements of ambient guitar work, space synths and samples, and minimalistic drum and percussion loops unify these musical pieces into brand new (inter)sonic entity. The Cerebral Rift blog gave this release 8/10 star rating.