So… This  really isn’t a bio.

I don’t want to write about who I’m, or where I’m from. Don’t want to list any accolades or bore anyone with some numbers which supposed to say something about my music. There are artists out there who are (at very young age, and with very first bit of music they’ve created!) doing amazingly. This, I believe, negates any need to brag about how long anyone is at “making music”. It really isn’t any indication of how good the music is (I see a lot of artist bios that begin with: “I’ve been… since…, etc.“).

I believe that, if there isn’t any connection sparked between a piece of music and a listener, there isn’t much point in reading music creator’s bio. I know I wouldn’t. And I find it a bit of unnecessary chore to write one because music should speak for itself. My story is secondary, at best.

I just want to tell you about how much satisfaction I get when people try (and fail) to categorize my music. Difficulty in sticking a genre label onto a piece of music isn’t in itself a proof of anything (other than your proverbial attempt to fit a square peg into a round whole). From a creator’s point of view, music, when treated as an art form, and a way of channelling the need to express oneself, is a very personal thing. And that’s been one constant in practically everything I have created. I have never been interested in making an “amazing house track”, or a “killer dubstep tune”, or do a remix of a song I don’t feel any connection to. I’m always thrilled to dip into different styles, to channel my inspiration from all that I hear, see and experience.

If you check the menu of this site, you’ll see that I don’t seem to be able to contain my music output into one project / musical identity / persona / avatar / moniker.


Dubtrak / Internsonic Subformation / Icy Rainbows
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downtempo, uptempo, dub, step, world, groove, chill, psychedelic, cinematic, ambient, dark, trip, big, bass, broken, beats, fuzz, guitar, synth, wave, sample, micro, glitch, fusion, con-fusion?