• Standing with Ukraine

    While my heart is heavy with sadness and anger, I decided today to put this compilation of my music together and encourage everyone to direct their thoughts to people of Ukraine and their struggle.

    This album is offered as a free download but, if you “name-your-price”, I’ll match the amount and donate to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to support Ukrainian population impacted by the invasion.

    However, to avoid unnecessary delays, I encourage you to donate directly to a trusted charity of your choice that supports the same cause.

  • Nectar: 2021 alternative version (we all need some medicine…)

    As year 2021 ran its course, I think most of us felt like many things did not unvail as we wished. My early 2021 optimistic and upbeat EP “2021: a new hope odyssey” needed some rework…

    So I’ve recorded these alternative versions of the tracks. The EP is now available on all major streaming platforms

  • Icy Rainbows

    Inaugural album from my new side project, Icy Rainbows, has been released on Kahvi Collective, a cult label releasing quality artists in the IDM, electronica, ambient and chillout since 1997. Yes, that’s the netlabel that also released Liquid Stranger and Solar Fields music in the past 😉

    Here is how Nik, who runs the label, describes this album: “A release by guest artist ‘Icy Rainbows’ now, with an album of almost the same name, I See Rainbows. Mixture of found sound, resampled audio from various sources, distorted beats all come together in a kaleidoscope of sonic colours. Echoes of classic Future Sound of London from the early 90s with acoustic, electric and synthetic elements.

  • 2021: a new hope odyssey

    Dubtrak’s latest release, a 5-track EP “2021: a new hope odyssey”, is available via Bandcamp (as a “name-your-price” release). Also available on all other major digital distribution channels (iMusic, Spotify, Amazon, etc).