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Doctor Strangedub (Echo Chamber, KFAI 90.3 FM Radio Minneapolis) wrote about "Soundsystem Blastoff" EP:

"This is some excellent world-wize Dub. Well..."dub" is perhaps the best umbrella label for this, but it incorporates a lot of tribal, electronica, and other influences. Whether you want to dance or meditate, this Dubtrak music will fit the bill."

www.archive. org

Here is a link to a a post about "Rapture" on Global Beat Blog:

Dubtrak - Rapture (2011/09/17)

"Torontoist dub fiyah! Have a gander at this. Another found gem from the world of Soundcloud. Let me introduce Dubtrak, a producer from Toronto, Canada. As it usually goes around these parts, we have some dub (well quite a lot), ethnic & world flavours, big meaty beats, trancey synths, and some inner/outerspacial vibrations. Big sounds indeed."

"Satta, mon! Dubtrak's fusion of Dub, Trance and Tribal sensibilities culminated in 2008's 'Dubtrak Assault Unit' LP (with the track 'Heavy Roll' featured on a 2009, 2 CD compilation showcasing Polish (!!) Dub artists) Expect ultra-deep bass and otherworldly machine music from this up-and-downtempo-coming luminary. "

"Summer time needs its injection of Dub, Sun, Dub, and Bass. This 23 min long mix of original uptempo dub, trance and ethno fusion electronica is a little something."

"Excellent album! played it on my podcast! waiting 4 more!"