Full length albums

reTRAKed (2013 - Boom One Records)

A remix album of selected tracks from "Dubtrak Assault Unit" and "Rapture". 12 tracks, mostly Dubtrak's own remixes, with KalaHari (Portugal) and Rogan (UK) providing bonus tracks.

Available on iTunes and Beatport.

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Rapture (2013 - Unify Music)

This hour long, Globe-crossing musical journey, takes a listener on an exotic trip to the Middle East and India, to Australia and over to North America. Not only oceans are crossed here as Dubtrak's unique blend of dub, global beats and trippy psy-trance-electronica brings refreshing mix of sounds that seamlessly fuse synthetic with organic and acoustic with electric.

Available on iTunes, Juno Downloads and via the label's wesite.

Dubtak Assault Unit (2008 - independent)

This independently released, Dubtrak's full length debut album packs 14 tracks that defy simple categorization. Predominantly groove-based, music on this CD is driven by strong beats and deep basslines but, in addition to this typical dub makeup, there is a whole slew of other elements. Ethnic instruments and voices are set against trance synths while psychedelic guitar licks collide with tribal percussion. Great for either headphones indulgence or sound system rumble!

Available on iTunes, Amazon.com and Juno Download.

EPs, compilations, remixes

VA: Global Village Party (2015 - Music Mozaic)

East Meets West Dance Mixes when happiness is the goal! – A street party where underground culture goes bushwalking and even birds participate! Fifty six minutes of fun from dance floor to rhythmic rainforests to Gypsy trance to the Australian Outback and wild Africa!

Dubtrak's "TranceTRAKer" is track #1

Available for download via iTunes.

Dubtrak: Primary Circuits (2015 - self released)

This free BandCamp download EP contains 3 remixes of Primary Circuit Dub plus the original. Massive bass, huge drums, these glitch-hop and dub techno tracks will ignite your circuits!

Download via BandCamp.

VA: International Dubsters United - Volume 1 (2014 - Boom One Records)

This release includes some of the best dub music has to offer from across the globe. International Dubsters have held nothing back with these versions. This compilation moves from classic dub to Steppers and forward to Dubtronica.
Dubtrak's contribution to this excellent release is "Step with care".

Download via BandCamp or BeatPort.

VA: Psyderchill 2 (2013 - Psyderweb Records)

Psyderweb Records present a 2nd edition of Psyderchill series of compilations showcasing an assortment of chilled tunes that make up a great selection of psychill, dub, downtempo and ambient tracks with psychedelic overtones.
Dubtrak's exclusive new track "Embracing the rain" is included as well.

Free download on Ektoplazm.

VA: M.R.I (Musical Roots Initiatve) (2012 - Adrian Troop)

Musical Roots Initiative is an Album featuring many of todays top Dub/Reggae and Electronic Fusion artists, to raise money for the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society. Among others, exclusive tracks by Zion Train, Eat Static, Urban Roots feat. Mikey Dread and Dubmatix are featured on this album.
Dubtrak's "No Trouble" is track #12.

Available on iTunes.

Dubtrak: The Dancer behind the Mask EP (2012 - Psyderweb Records)

What if an ancient tribe had a soundsystem at their disposal? What if their instruments were electrified and their voices amplified? Who’s the Dancer behind the mask? Is it the Tribe’s shaman or is it You and I, feeling the Earth’s pulse and moving to the beat of a drum? Put on your headphones, open up your imagination, and take a trip down Dark River where you explore colorful soundscapes, while you’re adrift, levitating in a Purple Haze.

Free download on Ektoplazm portal.

VA: Tribal Groove 2 (2012 - Music Mozaic)

Primal rhythms meet heartfelt emotions and the Global Tribe dance meets our modern life. Hand drums, traditional instruments, percussion and worldbeat electronica with vocals from the four corners of the world. Great music to cruise, relax, trance, and wake up to the spirit of our dreams!
Dubtrak's "Dancing with my Guru" is track #4

Available for download via iTunes.

VA: Paproota Dub Compilation 2 (2011 - Paproota Netlabel)

The 2nd dub compilation from this well respected Dub netlabel showcases contributions from artists from Poland, UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Canada. Dubtrak's "Soundblaster Dub" is track #7 on the Part 2 of the album.

Available as a free download from Paproota.org.

Dubtrak: Soundsystem Blastoff EP (2011 - Audiocast Productions Netlabel)

Six tracks on this EP (released by UK-based netlabel Audiocast Productions) pack a heavy dose of bass driven progressive dub that lets you trip on darker side of psy-trance and tribal-beat-fusion. Play it loud, in a dark and smoky room, and you’ll like where this earthy low end rumble, set against airy swirl of echoes, takes you!

Available as a free download from Archive.org.

Echoes: The Remixes Volume 1 (2011 - Renegade Recordings and Media.)

A collection of 12 remixes of Renegade Recordings artists (earlyW~Rm, Nate Wize, Rolling Lion Studio and Dubmatix). From Dubstep to World Dub and beyond.

Track #11 is Dubtrak's remix of Dubmatix "Inna Eden Dub"

Available as a free download from SoundCloud.

VA: Dub out of Poland - part 3 (2009 - Antena Krzyku Inc.)

This is a third part in the series created by Jacek "Yama" Kaczmarek, TV and radio journalist who was a Polish war correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also happened to be an independent music producer and dub aficionado. The album was mastered in studio As One in Warsaw by Mariusz "Activator" Dziurawiec who has worked in the past with renowned artists like Warsaw Village Band, Maleo Reggae Rockers and Paprika Korps. He produced remixes for Adrian Sherwood and Zion Train.

Available on iTunes.

Dubtrak: Dubtrak Original Mix (2009 - independent)

This 23 minutes long continuous music mix, combines remixes of some tracks from 'Dubtrak Assault Unit' with some new, previously unreleased tracks. The selection of tunes makes this set pretty upbeat, with elements of trance, progressive dub and global groove flowing seamlessly - perfect for clubs and DJs!

Available as a free download from Bandcamp.